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Wait a minute … there are really sites out there to help improve my sports betting game?

Well, of course there are sites like this! Why wouldn’t there be? If it can be thought, chances are there is a site of it on the internet. In fact, sports betting tips and odds sites are quite plentiful online. Not only are there a wide selection to choose from, but the ones that you’ll find features here are the best of the best. You will find the most accurately forecast odds, great insider strategies, and very helpful tips for betting, no matter what your sport of choice.

It is never wise to go into a bet without first conducting a bit of research. There is so much that you need to be aware of when placing a bet. There are so many factors to take into account. Obviously, these factors are bound to change drastically from sport to sport, but there is plenty of overlap to consider, too, no matter the sport. The only way to hedge your bets, in my opinion, is to make sure that you know exactly what you are betting on, what that bet means, what factors are involved, what the risk is, is what the odds are that you are going to win money on a given bet.

First of all, when it comes to sportsbooks, you have to take into account recent and relevant statistics. How has a given team been performing this season, generally speaking? What does their record look like? Do they have any players who have been hot as of late?

Are there any injuries that could significantly affect the outcome of the game? Does it seem as if the team tends to perform really well in the first half but can’t keep the momentum going after halftime? Has the team undergone a significant lineup change, such as a new coach or a couple of wildcard college starters? The list of things to consider goes on and on. I won’t sit here and type out every question to ask yourself before locking in a bet … I am merely trying to illustrate just how many things there are to take into account.

One common mistake that novice sports bettors tend to make (I made this mistake for far too long before finally correcting it, thanks to reading some betting tips) is that they too often bet on or against a single team. What I mean by this is that the rookie sports bettor often tends to conceptualize their bet in a singular way: ‘I think that this team has been doing well,’ or ‘this team doesn’t seem to be performing so well in the playoffs.’ I understand fully why this line of thinking would make sense. Why, then, is it not the best way to consider a bet?

Because, when you are placing a bet, you should never be thinking about it in one-sided terms. You should never think something like, to illustrate, “since the Chicago Bulls have Michael Jordon and Scotty Pippen and they have been on fire lately, I will put all of my money on the Bulls.” Although during the famous Run of the Bulls in the mid-90s this probably would have been a safe bet, it is certainly not the most accurate way to place a bet.

A much better way, I have found, to think about placing a sports bet is to look at what has been going on recently and historically with both teams. You are not betting on one team to win and/or the other to lose (in the most basic sports bet structure) … you are betting on both teams to perform in certain (somewhat) predictable ways when they encounter one another. You have to look at these bets both microscopically and macroscopically. Up close and from a bird’s eye view.

Once you look at your bets in this way, I guarantee you that you will start to see more success. Look at the starting lineups, look at the stats and the playing styles of each player and how they stack against the player of the same position on the opposing team. Yes, take into account how well each team has been performing this season, but also do a deeper dive and look at how these 2 teams historically tend to perform against one another. Sports are just as much psychological as they are physical. If one team statistically is seldom able to beat another team, assume that the losing team has a complex. Let this factor into your bet.

In addition to all of that, though (as well as countless factors that I have not delved into here), consulting a solid sports betting tips and odds site is also necessary. These sites put the odds through algorithms and simulations that no mind (even the most genius among us) is capable of producing by oneself. Plus, they are comprised of betting experts. I think it is always a good idea to use any and every resource available when it comes to betting on sports (especially if you plan on betting a good deal of money).

What kind of information can I find on these sports betting tips and odds sites?

The kind of content available is going to differ (at least slightly) from one betting tips and odds site to the next. Generally speaking, though, to be a little more specific than saying “well, these sites offer you betting tips and betting odds … duh!” there are a few things that you are likely to find in common, no matter what betting tips and odds site you happen to be using.

A lot of these sites offer predictions on upcoming games. This is a solid reference if you just want an expert opinion quickly, either to corroborate or challenge your own thoughts on an outcome. Again, I would not rely solely on any of these sites’ predictions on outcomes, but they can be a very helpful tool if used right.

Another tool to be found on sports betting tips and odds sites comes in the form of Vegas style odds sheets. The best betting tips and odds sites will break down every upcoming game’s odds and differentiate based on what popular sportsbook you are using, resulting in a very convenient resource for you to quickly compare and contrast odds from one sportsbook to the next, only on the games that you are interested in betting on.

Seeing this comparative sheet of odds is yet another way to bolster your strategy with betting tips and odds sites. With an easy resource now to cross-reference one sportsbook’s odds against another, you can up your betting game by choosing the right sportsbook for a specific game. As I have always said, it is not enough to simply choose a single sportsbook and do all of your betting on it. The most successful sports bettors have a diversified portfolio of online sportsbooks, from which they decide, per game or bet, what one will be best to use.

By analyzing the odds in this way, you are capable of not just getting a better idea of who is favored, statistically speaking, but by which betting site is likely to yield the biggest win. Once again, I want to say, I would not put all of my money on these odds alone, but they are going to be an invaluable addition to your research routine if you can learn to use them strategically.

Many of these betting tips and odds sites also double as resources for sports news and results. However, the news you are likely to find on betting tips and odds sites is more specifically geared towards sportsbook betting than the majority of sports news sites out there. So, what is reported is more focused on what you care about as a bettor.

There are also articles on many of these sites that include a great deal of helpful expert analysis. These op-eds break down predictions, possibilities, and things to consider when it comes to locking in upcoming bets. This is the kind of one of a kind content that you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the web but betting tips and odds sites. Betting experts, though, are still human and, therefore, can be wrong. Still, regularly reading these articles will strengthen your understanding of how to bet strategically while also giving you plenty to ponder when it comes to that next big bet specifically.

What sports do the best betting tips and odds sites cover?

The best betting tips and betting odds sites, of course, cover every sport under the sun! Well, at least every sport that can be found on most online sportsbooks. They might tend to skip over some of the more obscure markets, but, hey, that is just the nature of content, isn’t it? Like everything else in the world, it is driven by demand. However, if there are markets for it on your sportsbooks of choice, chances are you’ll be able to find tips and odds on it thanks to one of these sites.

Just to recap, though, let’s go through a list of the most commonly analyzed sports on these betting tips and odds sites, shall we? Here we are:





-Australian Rules football




-Horse racing





This, I think, is a pretty standard list. I don’t believe that you will find any single site, however, that has a dearth of coverage on all of these sports. There is a good chance that you will have to find a few different sports betting tips and odds sites that you come to enjoy and cycle through them. At any rate, with some combination of the sites listed here, you will never be without betting tips and odds again.

Which betting tips and odds site is the best?

Unfortunately, it is not so easy for me to sit here and say, “X betting tips and odds site is objectively far better than all the rest.” Like I just began explaining, each betting tips and odds site is going to offer a slightly different spread of content. Some have, for instance, excellent odds and coverage of basketball, but no darts coverage whatsoever. Others, though, go out of their way to make darts their specialty, leaving basketball to be analyzed elsewhere. The best betting tips and betting odds site, then, is going to depend on you and what you are planning to bet on.

If I were you, I would bookmark this list of the best betting tips and odds sites, because there is no comprehensive and user-friendly list like it anywhere else on the web (not to toot my own horn or anything … toot!). Whenever you are unsure of what site to turn to for the best betting tips and odds, simply click on this bookmarked list and take your picks. My reviews, too, will make for easy reference if, in the future, you cannot remember which site excelled at offering tips and odds for which sports. I’ll be sure to lay everything out there.

That being said, I do hope that you find this list of betting tips and odds sites to be helpful. Go forth with good luck. And remember, a strategic bet is a winning bet!