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Sports Statistics Sites - sports stats, data, projections, and sports analysis

Sports statistics sites? Sounds pretty boring … Why would I want to scroll through a bunch of data?

While looking at numbers, data, charts, and statistics may not be the most fun aspect of sports betting, I cannot stress enough how important it is. Sports statistics sites can truly be a game changer when it comes to your success on the sportsbook of your choice. Once you have gone through all of my lists of the best sportsbooks that are available on the web, found one (or, preferably, a few) that seem like they might be a good fit for you, and have loaded your accounts up with enough funds to start playing the books, before you place that first bet, I implore you to consider assembling a solid selection of go-to sports betting resources.

Yes, I am talking about sports statistics sites, of course, but I am also talking about live score sites, betting tips sites, odds sites, and sports streaming sites as well. Although they may not seem as directly impactful when it comes to betting on sports online as, say, your favorite online sportsbook itself, I guarantee that you will perform better if you have all of these sports resources and sports data sites bookmarked and ready to go while you place your bets.

Today, though, we will just be talking about sports statistics sites (I have plenty of reviews, too, on the other aforementioned resources elsewhere on, don’t worry). Although it certainly does not sound nearly as thrilling to spend your valuable time reading up on sports stats as it is to start betting real money on sports right now, it is the smart thing to do. If it feels like homework, well, that is because it is.

When it comes to betting on sports online, though, the only way to win any real money is to know your stuff. And by “knowing your stuff” I don’t just mean knowing the sport you bet on really well or something like that. I mean keeping current, tracking projections, getting the cold, hard data of your preferred sports and wielding it like a weapon when you return to do battle on your sportsbook.

The truth of the matter is this: if you aren’t looking at sports statistics, you are not performing as well as you could be in your bets. I don’t care how much you know about betting, odds, and strategy … if you aren’t keeping up to date with the latest sports statistics, you are betting in the dark, my friend, you might as well throw your money in the air on a windy day and see how much of it you can grab and how much of it blows away. Betting on sports with real money online should be about eliminating the element of chance – or, at the very least, diminishing it as much as possible. Sports betting is all about strategy, pattern recognition, predicting and reading your opponents and the sport, and accurately predicting outcomes based on the myriad factors at play during a sporting event.

The sooner you accept and embrace this, the sooner you will be able to tap your full potential as a sports bettor. The best sports statistics sites are certainly an excellent place to begin.

So, you really think that sports statistics sites will help me win more money, eh? How does all of this data translate into making better sports bets?

Sports statistics are not just for coaches and managers to study, they are invaluable resources for gamblers as well. In fact, if you ask me, the best sports bettors are the ones who know how to think like a coach or a team manager, how to be able to anticipate the ways in which one team will perform against another. Whatever team you plan to back, pretend you are that team’s manager while you are scouting sports statistics. Here are some ways in which sports statistics can help improve your game, as well as help you think like a coach:

Identify and forecast trends

No matter what sport we are talking about, every professional team goes through ups and downs. The best sports statistics sites analyze the data of these up-to-date trends and provide them in a succinct and easy to read format. Maybe, for instance, the Buffalo Bills are on an unexpected streak of wins (isn’t any streak of wins for the Bills kind of unexpected, though? … it’s okay, I’m a Bills fan [unfortunately], I’m allowed to say that), but they are facing off against the Oakland Raiders next Sunday, against whom they do not have a history of winning, what do you do? Do you put your money on this newly enthused and rallying Bills team, or do you go with history?

Well, the correct answer, of course, depends on so many other factors as well. Did the Bills get a new coach this season? How has that coach performed against the Raiders in the past (if he has done so)? Did the Bills lineup change significantly from last season to this one? Who are the new players? Have they performed well against the Raiders in the past? Are many of them rookies (that adds a layer of unpredictability)?

There are so many questions to be asked. The best sports statistics sites will help you to answer all of these questions and more. Sports stats sites can turn you into a damned sports oracle once you figure out how to use them strategically. Identifying trends is the first step to predicting outcomes.

Recognize and find out about updates from an analytical framewor

Maybe you are thinking that you can just go to a sports news site and simply translate current events into analyses yourself. I mean, sure, go ahead and try, but, unless you are a statistician or a professional sports analyst, it is not going to be easy to fit all the relevant information into data. That is why people get paid the big bucks to do it for us. It is highly specialized and difficult to do (especially if you are as bad at math as I am).

And if you think, ‘okay, well, I just won’t try to crunch the numbers myself … I can still get an idea based on player performance overall, weather, and all that,’ it is important to remember: without math, any evaluations or predictions made are going to be based on qualitative information, which is nowhere near as reliable as quantitative data.

The best sports statistics sites provide quantitative analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data, providing the most comprehensive statistical analysis possible. With up to the minute coverage and sports analysis, sports statistics sites are like sports news sites on steroids. Everything you need to know to make an informed bet, as well as the hard data to back it up.

Find sports data on just about every play that happens

This is the other thing about sports statistics sites: they break down every single thing that occurs in every single sport that you can bet on. Every pass, every goal, every assist, every crossover, every touchdown, rushing yard, every tackle. Literally everything. If it happened on the field, court, ice, or what have you, the best sports statistics sites will make sure that you know about it. Some will even let you follow certain players, create trend reports, and more. The best sports statistics sites, of course, will offer a wide range of unique and useful features (as is the case with any site! … the difference is the best sports statistics sites will 100% increase your odds of winning money).

What makes one sports statistics site better than another?

Well, as I was just saying, an array of helpful and novel features is one thing. Arguably more important than that, though, is finding a sports statistics site that offers easily legible stats. This has to do with site design and user experience. Sports stats can be difficult to read as it is. You don’t want a sports statistics site that makes it any harder than it needs to be.

The stats should be clean, well-organized, easy to browse, and intuitively displayed. There are, believe it or not, certain sports statistics sites (I won’t name them here) that do not put any effort, it seems, into offering even halfway decent site design or providing a smooth and responsive user experience. Some sports statistics sites simply toss a bunch of sports stats and numbers onto the page and call it a day.

These sports statistics sites, of course, would never make it onto my list of the best sports stat sites. They are not even worth naming because they are not even worth thinking about. I only bother to review and list the best of the best sports stat sites. Why should we waste our time with anything less than the best, right?

In addition to offering tons of great user features and an excellent site design, the best sports statistics sites are also those which are mobile friendly. Ideally, your sports statistics site of choice would have a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices. However, if there is no app, at the very least, you want to make sure that your go-to sports statistics site is optimized for mobile devices. You need to be sure that you can access your stats and sports data no matter where you happen to be. When you have real money on the line, being able to quickly see your relevant sports stats on the fly can be the difference between winning and losing.

Are sports statistics sites worth paying for?

Then, there is the matter of price. It is true that some sports statistics sites do charge for their advanced services. Most of these services, though, do offer some level of sports analysis for free. Some of them simply charge for advanced data synthesis, projections, and other premium services.

I tend to look at using premium sports statistics sites as something of an investment. Pay a little to potentially get a lot. If you are using the best sports statistics site, I would say, yes, these services are worth paying for (but only if you are prepared to take the facts and figures seriously and check them diligently while you are betting on sports).

If you are more of a casual sports bettor, perhaps the free sports statistics sites are they best bet for you. However, if you find yourself placing bets on your sportsbook close to every day, or you place rather high-stakes bets every now and then, I would definitely recommend finding the best of the best sports statistics site (even if you have to pay for the service).

If you have never considered using a sports statistics site in the past, there is no better time than now to check them out and find the right one for you. Remember, at the end of the day, the sports statistics sites found here are only the best of the best. The trick will be figuring out which one is the best for you. So, what are you waiting for? Start browsing these sports statistics sites and step up your sports betting game today!