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Best Live Score Sites - live updated major league sports scores

Why would I need a live score site to begin with?

There are plenty of reasons that you might want to consider using live score sites. There are countless scenarios in which a live score site might come in handy. Whether you are betting on the game or not, any sports fan could benefit, I think, from having one of these sites at his disposal.

Try to think of all of the times that you have been unable to keep an eye on the game for one reason or another. Maybe you had to run to the store to get more beer. Maybe you had to be at work. Maybe there was some kind of unavoidable family engagement you just couldn’t get out of. Whatever the case may be, I guarantee there has been a time when you were pining to check the score (needing to!) but could not simply tune into the game. It happens to the best of us.

Being able to quickly and conveniently check scores becomes even more crucial to those of us who enjoy placing bets on our favorite online sportsbooks. Once again, you can’t always just be sitting at your computer or in front of your TV, monitoring the score of every single game on which you have wagered money. Part of the convenience of betting on sports, of course, is the fact that you can set it (your bet, that is) and forget it, to a certain extent. Unlike many other forms of gambling, in other words, you don’t necessarily have to be there and actively participating in order to win money.

That does not mean, however, that you won’t want to be able to check in on the games. I don’t know about you, but when I have money on a game, I am fiendishly refreshing the scores. I mean, I prefer to be watching the game live … but if I can’t (as is often the case), knowing that I have a solid live score site at the ready always puts me at ease.

The best live score sites, of course, are mobile friendly. A live score site is not really all that helpful if it is not available no matter where you happen to need it. It’s the convenience, after all, that really makes these sites so great … being able to check the live score on any of your preferred sports, completely free of charge is a game changer. Both as a sports fan and as a sports bettor. Ever since I started using live score sites, I have been addicted. There is no going back now, thank God!

Why couldn’t I just use a sports news site? Don’t they usually update scores as they change?

I suppose you could use a sports news site to get your live score updates. They won’t be nearly as quick, though, I can promise you that. With a live score site, that is the only thing that the site specializes in, providing you up-to-date live scores on all major sports games. Sports news sites, on the other hand, have a lot of excess information and content that you’ll have to filter through in order to get to the scores themselves.

This is especially important if you are betting in-play and you have to step away from the game for one reason or another. A live score site is going to be your only backup saving grace then. Not only can you more quickly ascertain the score on a live sports score site, the best sports score sites are also customizable, meaning that you can even further cut out excessive nonsense. Every millisecond counts when you are live sports betting. So, a live score site that offers lightning fast speeds and user customizations can make the all the difference between a big win and a flop.

Don’t get me wrong, sports news sites are also going to be important when it comes to placing smart sports bets online, but they will prove more useful for other aspects of sports betting. In my opinion, sports news sites are going to be best used for future bets, for knowing what players are healthy, who may be suffering an injury, what trades are in the works, etc. When it comes to in-play sports betting, though, sometimes you just need to access the score as quickly as possible. And that is what live score sites are for.

There is also the fact that you can achieve levels of customization on some of the best live score sites that cannot even come close to being reached anywhere else on the web. For instance, many of the best live score sites will let you follow certain teams and leagues (this roster can also be changed on a dime), providing you with a personalized newsfeed of sorts, only pertaining to the scores of the games that you care about or that you have money on. It does not get much better than this.

Okay, all of this sounds pretty awesome to me … So, which live score site is the best?

If only it were that easy! I wish that I could sit here and tell you that one live score site is objectively, 100%, without a doubt leagues beyond all the rest. But that just is not the way it works, unfortunately. Some sites excel in certain areas that others could stand to improve on and vice versa. Plus, as you will see after looking at the list of the best live score sites here, some are geared towards specific sports, whereas others cast a wider net and offer just about every sport score you could ask for.

Therefore, it becomes much less a question of ‘which live score site is the best’ and more a question of ‘which live score site is best for you?’ You see what I am saying? You aren’t, for instance, going to rely on a live score site like for live soccer scores; just like you aren’t going to have very much luck finding live NFL scores on a site like Soccer 24. Therefore, whichever live score site that you go with, your choice will mostly depend on what sports you tend to watch or bet on.

Furthermore, I would like to push back against this notion of having to choose a singular live score site to begin with. I say keep this list in your toolbox and refer to it whenever you are looking for a live score site. Personally, I think it is best to get acquainted with each of the live sports score sites that I have listed here and then use whichever one you need on a case by case basis.

All of the live score sites here are the best of the best. So, quality will not be an issue whatsoever. If you bookmark this list, you will have a convenient and user-friendly list of the best live score sites for every scenario. Whether you have money on a basketball, baseball, or soccer game, one of these live score sites (or a combination of several) are going to be the only resources you ever need.

Generally speaking, though, what are some traits that the best live score sites have in common?

That’s a fair question. Although it is very difficult to say that one live score site is objectively better than all the rest, there are a few key categories by which we can judge whether a live score site is a hit or not. This is why each of my reviews evaluates each of the best live score sites against the same list of categories. Every one of the best live score sites needs to excel (to a certain degree) in the following areas:

Design and usability

User experience is key. This is true in just about every type of website there is, and it continues to be the case with live score sites. You want a live score site that is easy to navigate, user-friendly, and intuitive. Oh, and if it looks good while doing all that, all the better. It is a thin line for a site to walk, between functionality and aesthetics. But the best live score sites, in my opinion, strike this balance with ease.

Content and features

The best live score sites, as I said before, offer plenty of useful user features. The ability to follow certain teams and leagues, to mark the calendar ahead of time to schedule a game that you’d like to follow closely, and some community features are all things that I look for in the best live score sites. Some live score sites simply show you the scores. Others go above and beyond to create a unique user experience that keeps you coming back. As avid online sports bettors, naturally, we are going to want the latter.

Mobile friendliness

This is nonnegotiable, as far as I’m concerned. If your live score site is not mobile friendly, in 2020, get out of here. You do not belong anywhere near my list of the best live score sites on the web. As I said earlier, part of the whole reason that live score sites matter is because sometimes you need a quick and easy way to check the score while you are out of the house. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be nearly as difficult, would it?

Therefore, ideally, the best live score sites have accompanying apps for iOS and Android devices. However, it is debatable whether an app is necessary or not. I, personally, prefer them. I think that the interface and user experience of an app is just more immersive and faster. But lots of people seem to do just fine with a decent, well optimized mobile version of their site of choice.

Either way, whether you decide that you need an app or you don’t, if a live score site doesn’t have a mobile friendly interface of some sort, it is not worth our time. In fact, that goes for just about any kind of site, in my opinion. Adapt to mobile browsing or perish! What a good pair a live score app would make for a great online sportsbook app, right? Volley back and forth to make sure that your bets are as up-to-date and strategic as they should be based on the current score.

Are any of these sites geared specifically towards online sports betting?

Occasionally, yes, you will be able to find an awesome live score site that focuses primarily on sports betting. Sites like 888 Score Online, for instance, analyze scores and break things down according to 1X2 odds, over and under, odds comparisons, in-play odds, 6 in 1 odds, and more. Sites like these are truly gems. When it comes to live score sites for sports betting, it doesn’t get much better than play by play analyses of odds and favors.

Once again, the live score site you go with is likely going to depend entirely on what kind of sports you are watching, why you are watching them (business or pleasure), and what level of betting you are at. Taking all of these factors into account, though, I feel confident that you will have no trouble finding the best live score site for you, every time you need one. Just add this page to your bookmarks and come back whenever you aren’t sure of which site to use!

Good luck everybody and enjoy!