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  • Amazing site design
  • Some fun and unique interactive features
  • Community oriented
  • Bitcoin friendly
  • US friendly
  • Small casino
  • Poker room could be improved
  • No app

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Bet with bitcoin
US players welcome
Great interface (especially sportsbook)

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There are many benefits to betting with bitcoin, especially if you want to place bets in countries that have strict laws against gambling. Bitcoin, firstly, is 100% decentralized, which means that the currency is not controlled in any way by a government entity or bank. This allows you the freedom to spend your money how you see fit, without having to answer to anyone. Bitcoin is also not taxed, so, everything that you earn is entirely yours and not beholden to anyone.

Another reason you might wish to consider using bitcoin for your bets is because it is the safest form of currency in the world. Given the fact that it is encrypted (hence the title ‘crypto’ currency), it makes all transactions anonymous, untraceable, and, therefore, much safer than using traditional currency. This, again, will be useful if you live in a particularly strict country, surely, but it is also worth considering even if you happen to live in a very gambling friendly place. There is no need to share your credit card or bank account information, which automatically always puts your money at risk.

The anonymity also comes in handy if you happen to be in a situation where, even if gambling is legal where you live, you would prefer it if it never got out that you enjoyed the occasional wager. Maybe for professional or personal reasons, you just need to be as secure and sure as possible that your anonymity will be protected. With bitcoin, this can be basically guaranteed.

It is not just a matter of safety and security, though, using bitcoin to place your bets. Making the withdrawals and deposits process a nearly instantaneous thing. No longer will you have to wait 3 to 5 business days before being able to have access to your money. I don’t know about you, but the holds that banks (and sites) often put on payouts have always been quite a buzz kill for me. It almost saps the fun out of betting and gambling – the instant gratification of the rush that comes with winning.

There are actually quite a few online casinos and sports betting sites out there that allow you to gamble with bitcoin. In fact, this sort of betting is increasingly on the rise these days … and for good reason – all of the positive benefits to bitcoin betting that I just mentioned make it, I think, in many ways, a superior currency. Plus, it is stronger than most national currencies, in terms of value, meaning that what you invest in bitcoin to bet with could end up doubling or tripling your actual earnings when you convert it back to your national currency.

Considering the fact that there are quite a few nowadays, what bitcoin betting site and online casino should you use then? Well, the criteria that you would use to find a great sports betting site of any kind will remain true when evaluating a sports betting and online casino site that accepts bitcoin. At the end of the day, you want a large and diverse sportsbook, great odds, a reputable company, an excellent user interface, mobile friendly betting, and a vast selection of casino games to choose from.

If you have been considering bitcoin betting, chances are that you have already heard of the site that we will be taking a look at today, Nitrogen Sports. As one of the largest bitcoin sports betting and online casino sites on the web, there is a lot to love about this site. There are also, however, quite a few misfortunes that Nitrogen Sports has had to overcome over the years … both in terms of public image, customer satisfaction, and, interestingly enough, being harassed by a hacker.


I wish that I could say that Nitrogen Sports has a stellar and spotless reputation. That would not be entirely true, though, and I make it my number one priority to always provide my readers with the most objective and honest reviews possible. Nitrogen Sports has, in some ways, been dragged through the mud in the past. The first thing that I should note is the Nitrogen Sports subreddit, r/nitrogensports. Unfortunately, the bulk of this subreddit’s posts seem to be comprised of complaints and allegations.

Before I proceed, I would like to note the fact that these allegations are coming from Reddit and, thus, it may not be the most credible source. It felt worthy of note, nonetheless. Here, you will find users (presumably current or former Nitrogen Sports members) who claim that, for instance, the blackjack game is fixed. There are several posts in which Redditors detail their hundreds of hands that have led them to believe that the blackjack games are rigged.

Other posts warn would-be gamblers to “run away from these crooks” and to “avoid Nitrogen.” Alarmingly enough, there is even a post in which users are discussing the potential of putting together a class action lawsuit against Nitrogen Sports. It doesn’t appear as if anything has come of that, though, and I should also remind my readers that the age-old adage of ‘the customer is always right’ is seldom actually true, especially when it comes to betting sites (gamblers get burned by their own plays and then often want to lash out against the company that let it happen).

Also, Nitrogen Sports appears to be fairly reviewed by fellow experts. So, if there is some sort of conspiracy at work here, it would have to be expertly hidden … not that Nitrogen receives the most praise of any online casino and betting site on the web, but it tends to do okay in terms of average scores, etc. I find it hard to believe that Nitrogen could actually be a scam site if trusted sportsbook and online casino review sites do not seem to dwell on these accusations from Reddit.

Either way, it seemed only fair to let you know at the outset of this review that these allegations do exist, in case you want to follow up on them for yourself or if the mere fact that they have been circulated is an automatic dealbreaker for you. The last thing that I want to do is waste your time, dear reader. That is the whole point behind writing these reviews to begin with, to save you time, energy, and deposit money.

However, if you are still with me and wish to know more about one of the most popular bitcoin sports betting and online casino sites out there, let’s dive right in and see everything that Nitrogen Sports has to offer, shall we?


I quite like the overall design and layout of Nitrogen Sports. It has a refreshingly intuitive, responsive, and immersive user experience that you don’t see every day with these sorts of sites. Oftentimes, especially when it comes to online sportsbooks, site design tends to be clunky, cluttered, and chaotic. I get why it might be difficult to provide smooth site design with a sportsbook … there is a lot of data involved – that is really what a sportsbook is when you boil it down: numbers.

However, every once in a while, a site like Nitrogen Sports comes along and absolutely knocks the execution of its sportsbook design out of the park. The layout of the sportsbook. for starters, is very user-friendly, offering an independently scrollable menu of all of the sports that Nitrogen Sports lets you bet on.

Clicking on your sport of choice will lead you to a submenu of leagues and regions available. Clicking on one of those, finally, will cause all available bets to materialize in the center of the page. Your bet slip, too, will automatically show up immediately to the right of the bets that you can place, making for a completely streamlined and seamless betting experience.

The casino, too, follows the same basic layout. This time, though, the side menu looks a bit silly (compared to the lengthy list of sports) because all that it offers is Play and Rules, resulting in a lot of negative space with no purpose. To the right, though, you’ll find an incredibly browsable and experiential list of all the casino games available on Nitrogen Sports.

The very top of the site offers another user-friendly setup that is rarer to these sorts of sites than you would think … I am talking about a streamlined and easy to use user menu. Here, you will find a live updated valuation of what bitcoin is worth (since it is quite volatile, this is an incredibly useful resource). There is also a quick-access deposit button, an area informing you how much bitcoin you have in your account vs. how much you have in play, and a full menu of useful resources for your account, all conveniently at the ready.

Content and Features

One thing that is unique to Nitrogen Sports is the live updated chatroom that can be expanded or collapsed at your will. This is embedded at the very top of the page. I love this feature because you don’t find a sports betting and online casino site that values community like this every day. It is nice to be able to chat with fellow players, either about games, bets, sporting events, or whatever comes up. This can be collapsed or closed entirely if you aren’t feeling particularly chatty.

This chatting function, although different and cool, is not the most important element of the site. Far more crucial to figuring out whether Nitrogen Sports is the right betting site for you is to take a look at how competitive and large their sportsbook is. The site lets you place bets on around 23 different sports, making it not the largest sportsbook in the world, but sizeable one, nonetheless. Their sports selection is comparable to that of, say, Brovada’s, making it a competitive choice when put against some of the more popular and ‘mainstream’ sportsbooks on the web.

As far as the casino is concerned, the site leaves a bit to be desired. Some online casinos offer thousands of slot machines, table games, video card games, and a live casino as well. The online casino at Nitrogen Sports, however, only offers a few games. Play either dice, baccarat, blackjack (1 deck, 2 deck, or 8 deck), 3 card poker, or knockout slots. Unfortunately, that is all that Nitrogen has going for it in the casino department.

The poker section of the site also could be improved. Although the interface is decent and lightweight enough, it is missing a great deal of features. The playability can certainly stand to be improved. For instance, Nitrogen’s interface doesn’t automatically bring tables to the forefront of the page or flash them somewhere on your taskbar when it is your turn, limiting the amount of other browsing you are capable of doing once committed to a game of poker. There is definite potential here, but many improvements to be made as well.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Sadly, there is no Nitrogen Sports mobile app. However, the Nitrogen website is fairly well optimized for mobile devices. Obviously, an app is always preferred, but this site will certainly still work wonders if you are ever in a pinch and need to kill some time away from home.

Suggestions that I have for Nitrogen Sports

I would like to see Nitrogen Sports address their customer concerns (particularly over their blackjack allegations).

An app would also make this betting site much better. Lastly, making necessary improvements to their poker platform and adding more casino games would make a world of difference.


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