Pros and Cons

  • Very mobile friendly
  • Great odds for Asian Handicaps
  • Awesome jackpots
  • Live betting allowed
  • Subpar site design
  • Tiny sportsbook
  • No casino games
  • No card games
  • Live betting could be improved

Available Languages

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Payment Methods

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Top Three Reason to Join

Large daily sweeps and jackpots
Great mobile app
Good source for Asian Handicaps

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  • Date Established:
    May 23, 1968
  • Phone:
    +65 6216 8168
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    • SGD,
    • USD
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    • Singapore,
    • Malaysia,
    • Philippines,
    • Cambodia,
    • Thailand,
    • Indonesia,
    • United States of America,
    • China,
    • North Korea,
    • South Korea,
    • India,
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The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult on all of us. No matter where you live or what you do for a living, chances are you have felt the effects of the Coronavirus in one way or another. Many of us have lost work. Many of us have had to put our own business ventures on pause. Many of us have had to adapt to a work from home setup. Whatever the case may be, it has seemed as if a return to normalcy was far in the future.

However, in the past month or two, at least throughout much of the world (save for the notable exception of the United States) the curve appears to have been flattened (or close to it). Our quarantining efforts seem to have worked. Even though we still do not have a cure, the spread of the illness appears to be mostly under control. Very timidly, business have begun to reopen, in hopes of returning to some semblance of normal.

This is true of companies in every industry, even our favorite bookmakers and betting sites. Luckily, most of these services already made the shift to online bookmaking years ago. Still, though, they have been, no doubt, impacted by this virus as well. First thing’s first, any and all brick and mortar bookmaking shops have been closed. Up until very recently, that is. Very tentatively, some of our favorite and trusted bookmakers are beginning to open their doors once more, as well as returning to full operation for their sportsbooks online.

It hasn’t just been the day to day operations of betting sites, either, that have affected business. Especially when it comes to those sites that specialize in sports betting. There has been a huge freeze on professional sports around the world over the last few months. Football was the first to return, followed by Major League Baseball. And just last week the NBA returned. Here’s to hoping that the worst of this storm has passed.

One site and popular Asian bookmaker that seems to have been hit hard by the pandemic is Singapore Pools. Of course, for a while there, things were looking very bad in Asia. I am happy to see that companies are beginning to be able to function nearly in full again. Singapore Pools recently released a statement to their customers, informing everyone of what services were to be available now that they would be reopening.

As of the time of this writing, Singapore Pools is almost back to normal. Singapore Pools’ branches and authorized retailers, for instance, all appear to have opened their doors once more. Their Live Wire service is plugged back in. Their website and mobile app are nearly 100% functional again – all that is down still is Singapore Sweep. Phone betting, too, is live once more – again with the exception of Singapore Sweep.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to say that Singapore Pools has made a rather triumphant return, everything considered. It is great to see that this very popular Asian sportsbook, retail bookmaker, and lottery company is as good as new. What’s more, they are also leading the pack in championing responsible reopening in Singapore. The company has issued several notices, public service announcements, and videos in support of the importance of PPE and social distancing. It is always nice to see a betting company that goes out of its way to be a leader and to be a responsible member of the global community.

In fact, Singapore Pools has a longstanding history of being responsible. That is one of the things that I have always respected about this site and bookie. Even before the pandemic forced a lot of businesses to show their true colors, Singapore Pools has been one of the industry leaders in supporting responsible gambling. This is not something that every sports betting and online casino site has been eager to do … a lot of companies are greedy, and that greed causes them to inadvertently embrace irresponsible gambling. After all, on paper, that results to more money for them, right?

But Singapore Pools is not your run of the mill, average bookmaker. They truly do seem to care. About the world, about their customers, and about their employees. The gambling industry draws some pretty shady people now and then (surprise, surprise). It is refreshing and inspiring to see companies like Singapore Pools who refuse to let loose their ethics in the name of profit.

I don’t know about you, but that is enough to make me seriously consider switching betting sites. Maybe I am just a bleeding heart, but I tend to go out of my way to support companies whose beliefs and actions align with my own vindications. If a company makes an effort, for instance, to get behind a cause or take a stance in an important issue, I am much more likely to vote for them with my dollar. I wish that more companies – I wish that more betting sites – would embrace this and take on more of a leadership role as Singapore Pools has. The industry would be infinitely better for it.

However, a company can both have solid values and poor services. So, before I jump ship and become a player at Singapore Pools, I suppose I should do my due diligence and evaluate the site itself, see where it falls on the spectrum of betting sites – is it one of the best, or one of the rest? Well, the only way to figure that out for sure, of course, is to dive in and take a closer look at Singapore Pools and everything that the site has to offer. So, without further ado, I bring you Singapore Pools.


One of the most overlooked aspects of a betting site, in my opinion, is its design. There is so much variance, too, between sites when it comes to layout, interface, and user experience. Ideally, when I am evaluating a site’s design, I am looking for a site to exist at the intersection of style, usability, and intuitiveness. I want a site that looks good, works well, and makes the experience of using it as fun and natural as can be.

Let me say just at the outset of looking at Singapore Pools, the style element really could use some improvement. There is nothing fun or interesting about the look of this site. It’s essentially just an off-white background with a few tabs to be clicked, either to browse by sport or to place a bet. I will say this, though, the fact that there is so little going on does lend Singapore Pools a clean and minimalistic look that makes the sportsbook very easy to read and navigate.

When you enter the sportsbook, you will find a list of available sports to your left, bets and statistics on matches in the middle, and a bet slip on the right. This is a pretty typical layout and, as I always say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Usability wise, this is a tried and true format. At the very top of the page, you can also quickly toggle between Sports, Lottery, Horse Racing, and Account, making for a fairly user-friendly setup.

I would like to see Singapore Pools try a little harder, though. Especially if this site truly wants to become a competitive force in the world of international sports betting websites. There are some very experiential and immersive site designs out there. I would advise Singapore Pools to take a look at what else exists and consider an overhaul of the site altogether. I want to feel like I have just entered some sort of world when I visit a site like this, as if I just entered a high tech and digital version of a bookmaker. Singapore Pools, however, is just uninspired.

Content and Features

Another area in which Singapore Pools falls short is in its number of features. The site is very small, especially when you compare it to other betting sites that are out there. The sportsbook, for starters, is tiny. Essentially, it only offers 3 markets … football, motor racing, and Asian handicaps. This is, frankly, a sad list of offerings. Take into consideration for a moment the fact that a majority of betting sites out there offer around 30+ sports. And some of the larger ones have upwards of 50 or 60. For Singapore Pools to only offer these 3 categories seems almost like a slap in the face, or a farce.

That being said, on the upside, Singapore Pools is one of the best resources for Asian Handicaps if that is your thing. With some of the most competitive odds in this category, Singapore Pools’ sportsbook, at the very least, has the potential to be a number one niche sportsbook. Maybe.

The site does also have a live betting feature. However, once again, this one is nothing near what I would consider adequate. With no live streaming available and a limited number of in-play, live updates to reference, making in-play bets on Singapore Pools will likely prove rather difficult. I would look elsewhere, for sure, if you are mostly interested in live betting.

What else does Singapore Pools offer, you ask? Well, arguably the most popular element of the site is its legal lottery. I will say this to Singapore Pools credit, they do have some rather impressive jackpots. Today’s, for instance, is for $1 million. There is also a famous 4D quickdraw game that takes place daily and the site’s signature Singapore Sweep – a sweepstakes competition with 3.5 million tickets for sale per draw.

So, in conclusion, as far as features are concerned, I would say that Singapore Pools is a much better choice for those of you who prefer games of pure chance, as opposed to skills-based sports betting and card games (of which, mind you, there are none).

Mobile and Desktop Experience

I was surprised to see that a site of this relatively small stature does, in fact, have a decent mobile app available. The Singapore Pools’ app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it allows players to place sports bets, play the lotteries and sweeps, and view results and sports fixtures.

A fuller portrait of Singapore Pools is beginning to come into view. Not only is this site great for players who prefer games of chance, but it is also a good bet for those of you who require mobile gaming. Take Singapore Pools with you no matter where you go, any time of the day or night.

Suggestions that I have for Singapore Pools

My main suggestion for this site is this: expand, expand, expand. I want to see Singapore Pools become more than just a tiny sportsbook for placing the occasional football bet and a lottery site. I think that Singapore Pools has the potential to add on an excellent online and live casino if they wished. I also think that this site could easily expand its sportsbook to include additional sports, as well as more live betting features (live streaming, perhaps?).


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