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Pros and Cons

  • Great site design, user friendly
  • Plenty of action
  • Very mobile friendly (awesome apps)
  • Solid promotions and awards
  • Tons of cash out options
  • Bonuses could be better

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Top Three Reason to Join

One of the most reputable betting sites of all time
Wide array of sports, bets, gaming
Intuitive bet slip tracking and cash out options

Company Information

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    6/1 Waterport Place, Gibraltar
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    000-039225 R-319373-009
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    [email protected]
  • Phone:
    00 800 3551 3551
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    • USD 
  • Country Restrictions:
    • Afghanistan,
    • Algeria,
    • Bangladesh,
    • Belize,
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    • Bulgaria,
    • Burkina Faso,
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  • Reputation 9.8
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  • Bonus 9.2

WilliamHill in short

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There are not betting sites out there that have what it takes to rival William Hill.

Oftentimes, when I review a betting site, there is not a longstanding history to go off … But as anyone who has spent a great deal of time looking for the best sites for sports betting knows well, trust is everything. Nobody, in other words, wants to put their money into a site that could potentially be a scam. Brand recognition, then, is paramount when it comes time to choose a betting site.

And I must say, few sites (if any) come anywhere close to matching the rich history of operation and trust developed by William Hill. Having been around since 1934, William Hill is easily one of the most trustworthy gambling enterprises of all time. So, if you are looking for an online gambling outfit with an unparalleled reputation that you can trust, tons of betting options and sports to choose from, plenty of options for deposits, and great rewards and bonuses, I may have just the site for you.

When you take into account a user-friendly interface, a number of great apps for mobile betting on the go, and plenty of options for live in-game betting, you have the recipe for what could be the best online betting site of 2020 (and, arguably, of all time!).

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s take a look at the site itself and see all that William Hill has to offer. There is a ton of ground to cover, so, let us get straight to business, shall we?


William Hill, the company, was founded in 1934 by William Hill himself. At the time, though, gambling was still illegal in the United Kingdom, but Hill was a forward thinker and wasn’t going to let a silly little law get in the way of his dream. William Hill built an extremely successful bookmaking company that continues to flourish long after England’s legalization of gambling and well into the Information Age.

The company has switched hands several times over the nearly 100 years of its operation. In 1971, for instance, Sears Holdings bout William Hill. Then in 1988, Grand Metropolitan took control, only to be ousted by Brent Walker the following year. The company itself, however, appears to have been quite a gamble for investors and shareholders alike. In September of 1996, for example, Brent Walker only recouped £117 million of the £685 million that it had paid for William Hill. Grand Metropolitan, it turns out, had grossly exaggerated the company’s profits at the time of sale.

At this point, though, William Hill had become something of an institution to the global gambling market. Thus, in 1997, the Japanese investment bank, Nomura put up a £700 million leveraged buyout of the company. Brent Walker, on the other hand, dissolved, its debts totaling £1.3 billion. This came after the Serious Fraud Office mounted an investigation into the company, which resulted in 2 directors being sentenced to time in prison. In February of 1999, upon an abandoned attempt at stock market flotation (due to “weak interest”), Nomura managed to offload William Harris to the private equity firms, CVC Capital and Cinven.

Eventually, however, William Hill did make it to the London Stock Market Exchange, in 2002. This is when things finally started to turn around for the company. In 2003, William Hill’s CEO, David Harding received a bonus of £2.84 million, which propelled him to the position of 5th highest paid company director in the UK that year. From there, William Hill experienced a long overdue growth spurt. In came the acquisitions.

William Hill went on to purchase Sunderland Greyhound Stadium in 2002. And it acquired Newcastle Greyhound Stadium in 2003. This period of decided growth also led to the company’s global expansion. William Hill made its services available in Italy, Australia, and The United States. However, given the somewhat fraught legal status of gambling in the US (it is federally illegal, but permitted in only a few states), William Hill is currently only accessible in Nevada and New Jersey – so, US citizens have to be within the borders of one of these 2 states in order to use William Hill as of 2020.


Online sports betting sites, unfortunately, often suffer from design flaws. Given the data-heavy nature of betting, this makes a lot of sense. It can be rather difficult, I would imagine, to take hundreds upon hundreds of lines of stats and odds and numbers and turn that raw data into responsive, experiential, user-friendly site design. Plenty of sites have tried to do this; very few have succeeded (in my opinion).

William Hill, however, is one of the few online sports betting sites that has managed to provide a nearly perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics in their site design. Upon first visiting William Hill, this should make itself readily apparent. You will be greeted by an intuitive and easy to navigate website that doesn’t immediately overwhelm. There are many sports betting sites on the web that don’t offer very warm welcomes to new visitors. The tendency is to waste no time in offering up walls of numbers, odds, games, results, overs, unders, and other assorted stats.

William Hill’s home page, on the other hand, gives you a chance to breathe, to take everything in, and explore its offerings and bets at your own pace. At the top of the page, you’ll find a carousal banner on which various features of the site slide by, merely suggesting different activities for you to enjoy while here.

The home page, I should note, is not without readily available data. The way in which William Hill lays it out, though, is much easier on the eyes and intuitively presented than I have seen on other sites. Results and statistics are clearly separated by sport, division, and game – making it as simple as it should be to take in a lot of somewhat complex information in an easily digestible way.

Then, on either side of these centrally located, live updated stats, you’ll find a handy site navigation menu (on the left) and a bet slip and open bet dashboard to your right. The site menu, in addition to navigating by sport, allows you to quickly toggle to In Play bets, a powerful search engine, and promotions.

I also love the Bet Slip dashboard. I feel like I have been waiting all of my gambling life to find a site that offers an intuitive means of organizing, tracking, identifying, and acting on my bets. With other sites, I have found that I spend way too much time trying to track down my bets. This can be especially frustrating with live in-game bets. William Hill is clearly designed by people who have experience with placing sports bets, and I really appreciate that. 

Content and Features

William Hill offers an impressive list of sports to bet on, tons of bets and wagers, casino games, bingo, eSports betting, live casino play, scratch card games, and some of the most competitive promotions on the web today. William Hill offers just about everything you could hope for from a betting site.

It’s not just the breadth of gameplay, betting options, and sports that make William Hill an impressive betting site … I was also thrilled to learn that William Hill offers plenty of betting resources. Take advantage of the site’s in play schedule. WHTV live streaming, an easy and instant cash out feature, original podcasts and radio shows, tip advisor, promotions (so many promotions), offer club, and several mobile apps (more on these in a moment).

In my opinion, the best betting sites offer so much more than just betting capabilities and various wagers. William Hill embodies this philosophy by not only letting you place the bets you feel confident in, this site goes above and beyond to provide you with resources as well that allow you to further educate yourself and stay in the know when it comes to your sports – a safe bet is an educated bet, and William Hill fully understands this, as is evidenced by their many pro-user features.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

As I mentioned, William Hill has numerous mobile apps. If you are in the United States, for instance, there are two separate apps (one for Nevada, one for New Jersey). And both apps are excellent, in my opinion. They are both well-designed, just as intuitive as the desktop site. No matter where you happen to be, keep up with your in-game bets, check stats, cash out, or kill some time in the live casino. As far as mobile-friendly online sports betting experiences are concerned, few come close to that of William Hill.

Suggestions that I have for William Hill

I feel as if this is frequently a critique of mine when it comes to betting sites, but I would like to see William Hill improve the quality of its bonuses. Sure, this site certainly offers a greater number of bonuses and promotions than most other betting sites, but I think it could still stand to increase the winning potential of bonuses. I mean, this is a multi-million-Pound company operating in a multi-billion-Pound industry. My guess is that William Hill can likely afford to incentivize its users a little more.

Other than that, though, I am a big fan of William Hill, and I strongly encourage anyone who loves online sports betting, casinos, and arcade games to check it out. I have a feeling you will not be disappointed.


If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy institution of sports betting, William Hill is as dependable as it gets. Users enjoy a full range of sports, games, plenty of bets, in-game betting, mobile-friendly gambling, and one of the most intuitive site (and app) designs of any betting site that I have seen thus far. I only have one or two nitpicky issues with this site. Other than that, though, William Hill is about as close to ideal as it gets when it comes to online sports betting and casino gaming.

I highly recommend this site to anyone, but I think that it will be especially useful for people in the United Kingdom. Although the site’s range of sports is international, as a UK company, the site is definitely (even if slightly) skewed towards UK users. Unfortunately, William Hill is not very US-friendly at the moment (although US users can place bets if they are in either Nevada or New Jersey), but that is more of an issue that I take with the United States government than with William Hill.

I cannot overstate how great William Hill is. Whether you are just getting started with online sports betting, you are a veteran gambler, or you just want to win some cash while playing arcade games, William Hill has a little bit of something for all walks of life. Happy gambling, ladies and gentlemen!


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